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Registration Information

How to Register

You may register for programs in person at the Norridge Recreation Center or Pool & Fitness Center using a registration form. You may also register online.

Your first online registration will require a one-time only, fast and easy family profile setup. Profiles can be created prior to registration dates. Once completed, within 48 business hours you will receive an acknowledgement to begin your hassle-free registration.

  • Residents will have to prove residency for their first registration. Two proofs of residency will be required, one of which must be a photo I.D. Any of the following forms of identification can be used as secondary proof of residency as long as it is in the registrant's name and current: any utility bill, apartment/home lease, tax bill, voter's registration card.
  • All registration is on a first come, first served basis.
  • A birth certificate/proof of birth will be requested for all children to prove age and parentage.
  • By registering for a program or event, you give your consent to release and hold harmless the Park District from any liability. Your receipt includes the waiver to which you agree.
  • Fees will not be prorated when registering for a program if the program session has already started.
  • You can, and are encouraged, to register for both Sessions I and II programs during the Session I registration period. Waiting until session II may result in full programs.

The following items are acceptable forms of identification:

- Valid drivers license (traffic tickets are not acceptable), state identification card and/or valid passport with picture.

Any of the following forms of identification can be used as secondary proof of residency as long as it is current and in the registrant's name:

- Any utility bill, apartment/home lease, tax bill and/or voter's registration card.

Payment Methods

The Park District will accept cash, personal checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) and money orders for the payment of fees. The Park District will charge a $25 service fee for all checks not honored for any reason by the bank. Checks should be made payable to Norridge Park District.

Fair Share Policy

The Norridge Park District resident makes a significant contribution to the financing and operations of the Park via property taxes, whether or not the individual participates or uses the facilities of the Park. The fair share concept is intended to apportion to non-residents an equalized fee so that they contribute to the overall financing of the Park District on an equitable basis with the resident. It is hoped that this policy will give not only equitable treatment, but also a better understanding of fees and overall financing to both residents and non-residents.

Residency Pass

Nonresidents may pay a $185 annual fee that entitles your family to a Resident fee rate for all Park and Pool programs beginning within a full year from the date of purchase. Please note that programs are limited to a single season (i.e., 1 pool pass, 1 season of fall soccer, 1 season of swim team, etc.). Early Care and Preschool Academy programs, and any programs in which Norridge Park District participates or offers under an intergovernmental agreement, are excluded.

Waiting Lists

Once maximum enrollment is met for a class, a waiting list will be formed with names and phone numbers of those wishing to enroll. Every attempt will be made to open an additional class when possible.


Programs may be cancelled due to low enrollment or instructor availability; subsequently, participants will be notified and offered an alternate program choice if one is available; otherwise, a full credit to their account will be applied; or, if requested, a full refund will be issued.

NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. All refund checks will be mailed within 3 to 5 weeks from the time of request. Credit cards will be issued a credit to the proper account.

Click here to download the Refund Request Form


A full refund, less a $5 service charge, will be given if a participant withdraws from a class at least 48 business hours prior to the first scheduled day (participant must complete a Refund Request Form).

  • A refund will ONLY be given during the first half of the scheduled session for an illness (a doctor's excuse must be presented and a Refund Request Form must be completed).
  • Refunds will not be given for any reason during the second half of a scheduled session.
  • Contracted Programs: Some programs are contracted through independent parties. In some instances, pro-rated refunds due to illness may not be issued.
  • Trips & Adult Sports Leagues: 48 hour notice must be given and the vacancy must be filled by another participant in order for a refund to be given.
  • Early Care & Preschool Academy: Programs are excluded from the refund policy. Please contact the facility directly for more information.


The Park District is committed to conducting its recreation programs and activities in the safest manner possible. Participants and parents/ guardians registering their children in recreation programs must recognize that there is an inherent risk of injury when choosing to participate in recreation activities. The Park District continually strives to reduce such risks and insists that all participants follow safety rules and instructions. Please recognize that the Park District does not carry medical accident insurance for injuries sustained in its programs. The cost of this insurance would make program fees prohibitive.

Photograph Disclaimer

Photographs are occasionally taken during Park District programs, special events and league participation. Please be aware that these photos are for Park District use only and may be used for promotional purposes. If your picture has been taken and you wish that it not be used, please contact the Park District Main Office.

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