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Nicole Flores

Nicole Flores has been Performing and choreographing from a young age. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, she had the opportunity to dance with Salt Creek Ballet where she studied and performed pieces such as The Nutcracker, Les Sylphides, and Carnival of the animals. In her high school years she then branched out into jazz and hip hop Studying with Xtreme dance force in Naperville IL. Here she had the opportunity of learning from So You think You can Dance’s own Sonya Tayeh, Tyce Diorio, and Nappy Tabs, and her directors, Gil Mata, Sam Renzetti, and Sarah Burney. When graduating high school she had the opportunity of choreographing the production Reverie, as part of her Senior duties as president of her dance team. Nicole is now a Junior at Columbia College Chicago studying dance and fashion business. When moving to Chicago Nicole was introduced to the Chicago hip hop scene and the history and techniques that have come a long with it. Being that Chicago is where the house genre of dance and music had begun, she brings these techniques to the dance floor while teaching her hip hop classes. Nicole brings an upbeat vibe to classes, making sure that students know that dance is not only about being the star of the stage but that it is also about expression. Dance brings an opportunity of release to our lives and is something to be grateful for. She stresses that dance requires patience to grow and strength to succeed, but most of all dance is about having fun!

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